Health monitoring for students who are moving into AP House

Students who are moving into AP House are required to monitor their health.
If you have already moved in to AP House, please register your health status at the URL provided when you moved in.

・Please observe your health every morning and evening starting for 14 days until the day you move in.

  Please enter your health information for the night before and the morning of submission every morning by 10:00.

If we cannot confirm your health status for several days, the APU Health Clinic may contact you at your permanent residence or mobile phone.

・Please visit a nearby medical facility or contact the APU Health Clinic at if you experience any symptoms such as coughing, breathlessness, extreme fatigue, sore throat, loss of sense of smell or taste, or fever two days before moving into AP House. Depending on the circumstances, you may be asked to move into AP House at a later date.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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