PhD Graduate Locker/Desk Usage Application

Desks and lockers in the Doctoral Students' Common Rooms are provided to PhD students upon application. 

Students can also apply for extra lockers through this survey. 

After completing the application survey, the Academic Office will inform you of your desk and locker numbers and provide you with detailed instructions on their use through a message on the Action Required of the Campus Terminal. 

PhD Desks and Lockers Usage Application

1. Student ID Number
Q2. Name
Q3. I would like to apply for:
1 desk and 1 locker
1 desk and 2 lockers
an extra locker (I already have a desk and 1 locker)

Q4. When do you plan to stop using the desk and the locker(s). 

E.g. March 2018

Format: mm-dd-yyyy

Q6. Please write down the four-digit-code (PIN code) you would like to use to open your locker. .

This information will only be used in case of emergency and/or for security purposes.