2023 Spring Exchange Program Online Application

This online application is for students from APU's partner universities who have been nominated for the exchange program for 2023 Spring semester. 


*Before starting this online application, you must have digital data of a valid passport copy (if you have), passport size photo, language proficiency test score sheet (or official university letter verifying your language proficiency), and financial proof. 

*Please enter your information accurately.

*For your record, we suggest you to print out the online application data - follow the instruction after you click the "Submit" button.  




Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

The Ritsumeikan Trust (hereinafter, “the Trust”) has instituted its own rules and systems to ensure that the personal information of its students used in the course of the Trust’s educational and research activities is handled in accordance with laws, regulations and other personal information protection standards. As part of this, the Trust implements and maintains the following Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information. Rules for the handling of personal information for the purposes of academic research are stipulated separately to this policy.

1. In order to implement this Basic Policy, the Trust shall establish and publicly announce the Ritsumeikan Trust Personal Information Protection Regulations, and ensure that they are known and observed by all faculty and staff (including executives, faculty members, administrative staff members, part-time workers and dispatched workers) and associates of the Trust
2. The Trust shall establish appropriate information security measures against illicit access, computer viruses, etc., in order to prevent the loss, destruction, manipulation or leakage of personal information.
3. The Trust shall acquire personal information only by legal and proper means. As well as refraining from acquisition of information by improper means, the Trust shall ensure that the subject of the personal information consents to the purposes of its use, or announce the necessary arrangements on the Trust’s website. 4. The Trust shall ensure that personal information acquired indirectly has been acquired properly from its subject, and shall announce the intended purpose of use and other necessary arrangements on the Trust’s website.
5. The Trust shall confirm that the subject of personal information has the right to disclose, correct, suspend, or erase that information, and shall treat applications from the subject concerning such acts with due respect.
6. When sharing personal information with a third party or entrusting it to a third party under an outsourcing arrangement, the Trust shall investigate that party, conclude a contractual agreement, and take all other steps required by law.
7. Personal information provided for the purposes of becoming a student of any of the educational institutions of the Trust shall be handled by the Trust with the same care as is applied to personal information provided by past and current students of those institutions.
8. The following principles shall apply to specific aspects of the acquisition and handling of personal information:

・ Personal information shall only be used within the scope of the purpose of its acquisition, only by persons granted authority in accordance with the specific tasks involved, and only to the extent necessary to perform those tasks.
・ Personal information shall not, in principle, be provided to any third party.
・ Personal information shall not be used outside the original purpose, removed from its regular place of use, transmitted to any third party, or otherwise leaked.
・ Employees of the Trust are prohibited from recklessly disclosing personal information encountered in the course of their work to any third party and from using such information for improper purposes. This prohibition continues to apply after employees have ceased to engage in the work in question.
・ he Trust shall not acquire, use or provide personal information of the following nature:

1. Matters concerning personal thoughts, beliefs or religion
2. Matters that may be the cause of social discrimination

April 1, 2005

Handling of Personal Information at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Personal information acquired from prospective students by Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (hereinafter, “APU”) shall be handled as follows, in observance of laws and regulations concerning personal information protection and the Ritsumeikan Trust Personal Information Protection Regulations.

Purposes of use
Students’ personal information shall be used for the following purposes:
・ To provide study and learning support for students, including administration of enrollment, course registration, grades and results, and information relating to tuition fees.
・ To provide extracurricular and living support for students, including campus life advisory services, support for extracurricular activities, administration of scholarships, and administration of public health and hygiene.
・ To provide career development and job placement assistance for students, including academic and career counseling, support for job hunting, and administration of career and job placement information.
・ To provide consultative and advisory services on study courses, grades and career paths to students' parents/guardians, including the disclosing of grade reports to parents/guardians.
・ To perform work related to entrance examinations and enrollment procedures.
・ To send information and documentation related to the APU and the Ritsumeikan Academy’s other universities and schools.
・ To administer the use of internal facilities and equipment, and maintain the safety and security thereof.
・ To issue certificates.
・ To provide information required by organizations authorized by the Ritsumeikan Trust Personal Information Protection Committee, such as scholarship providers and associations composed of alumni, parents, etc.
・ To provide information to schools previously attended by students concerning students’ study progress and living circumstances.
・ To conduct university evaluation (self-assessment evaluation, third party evaluation, certified evaluation) and statistical research. ・ To conduct education, research and faculty development activities.
・ To process other matters necessary in the administration and management of APU.

Management of personal information
Students’ personal information shall be managed securely to prevent leakage, loss, damage, etc., in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and the Ritsumeikan Trust Personal Information Protection Regulations.

Outsourcing involving the provision of personal information
APU may outsource some work involving the use of personal information to a third party enterprise with which it has a contractual agreement concerning the handling of personal information.

Provision of personal information to third parties
APU shall not provide personal information to any organization outside the Ritsumeikan Trust (hereinafter, “third party”) without the previous consent of the individual to whom the information pertains.
However, according to Article 23, Item 2 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, APU may provide personal information to third parties to the extent necessary to achieve a specified purpose of use, provided this provision has been authorized by the Ritsumeikan Trust and published in public sources such as on the APU website. Notwithstanding, personal information shall not be provided to third parties in cases where the procedures for the suspension of information provision to third parties published on the APU website have been taken.